gDocScan lets you scan, index and search your emails, Word and Excel documents
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gDocScan lets you scan, index, OCR and search your paper documents as well as index and search your emails, Word and Excel documents.
You can search your documents by the index fields and the text.

You can scan paper documents with a scanner or MFP copier.

Your documents are securely hosted on Google's ® servers.


-Use gDocScan cloud document management to implement a paperless office.
-Using hosted document management reduces the costs of handling, storing and retrieving your documents.
-Document scanning software lets you scan with multiple scanners, at different locations.
- Document search from any location, over the Internet.
-gDocScan also lets you add index fields to emails, Word, and Excel documents, and store them in Google Docs.
-Automatic document backup.
-Share selected documents with partners, clients and vendors.
-Become a green company. No need to photocopy a document to share it with others.
-gDocScan is designed for Windows 7|Vista|XP|2008|2003 platforms, including 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.

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